AI Hydra 32HD Diffuser V5
26 HD/ 32 HD Diffuser
26 HD/ 32 HD Diffuser
26 HD/ 32 HD Diffuser
26 HD/ 32 HD Diffuser
26 HD/ 32 HD Diffuser
AI Hydra 26HD Diffuser V5
AI Hydra 32HD
26 HD/ 32 HD Diffuser

26 HD/ 32 HD Diffuser

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Fits Hydra 26, 26HD, and the new 32HD.  By installing a full diffuser you will blend and diffuse the entire cluster of led channels into one uniform spectrum resulting in a more natural shimmer and elimination of the disco ball effect.  The result is a more vibrant and relaxed viewing experience of your reef tank. 

The diffuser sheet is also removable which converts into a full shroud/shade to block a large amount of blinding light from bleeding into your room. The result makes the appearance that your aquarium is glowing from the inside out rather than from the top down.

It is recommended to increase light settings by 10-15% to compensate for the diffuser.   Customers report better polyp extension, coral growth, and just an overall improvement in visual aesthetics of the reef tank.  

1 Year Warranty!  If you have any issues, reach out to us and we will replace or refund your order.  

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